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Academic Plan

Disneyland High School is affiliated to the State Board of Secondary Education, registered & recognized by the State Govt. of A.P.

Disneyland High School provides a good blend of School Secondary Certificate (SSC) Syllabus taught using various teaching methodology, the assessments, the activity based learning.

Children get to understand the concepts in the most scientific way; get to explore many more dimensions of education. The quality of teaching is validated through their rigorous quality checks & lesson plans which will ensure that academic standards are always maintained.

Pre Primary consists of Play School, Nursery, Jr KG and Sr KG for the age groups of 1.5 to 6. Single teacher taking all the subjects encourages an interdisciplinary approach. Each class will have not more than 30 students and each class will have a teacher and one support staff.

Primary school consists of classes 1 to 5 for the age groups of 6 to 11. The curriculum framework provides a solid foundation in Mathematics, English and Science that is relevant and useful for students and teachers across the world.

Middle school consists of classes 6 to 8 for the age groups of 11 to 14. All the subjects are compulsory and the only choice is in languages and activities like art, music, drama and sports. Core subjects are English, Mathematics, Science, Social, second language and first language Telugu. Middle school is taught using well-researched methodologies and prepares the students for the high school

High school consists of classes 9 to 10 for the age groups of 15 to 16. Student will have a perfect academic schedule with regular Time tables for Revision for skills-oriented personalized learning.


DHS has developed a weekly time table that repeats every week. Typically a day has 8 periods and a week 40 periods.

In pre-primary section about 20 periods are given to activities like Physical Education, Art, Craft, Music, Dance and Role Play and 20 periods are dedicated for the focused development of Language, Maths and Science skills. However given that we follow a methodology to learn the concept of size, shape, color in his class.

In primary classes about 15 periods are provided for activities like Physical Education, Art, Craft, Music, Dance, Library and 25 periods for Maths, Science, Social, Languages, G.K and Computers. Every child at DHS goes for one period of Physical Education/Games every day as children today don't have avenues for physical exercise and it is an important developmental need.

Daily Timings:

The school starts at 9.00 AM with a assembly every day presented by children with Moral Poems, Thought for the Day & News bulletin followed by Drill & March fast. This academic year the school finishes for Nursery to 3rd Class at 3.50 pm. This will be extended to 6.30 pm for classes 4th and above.


DHS has a very well developed calendar that distributes the work done during the year into logical compartments like focusing on studies, assessments with assignments, all round development of the child, annual events like Sports Day, Childrens Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Alumni Day, Literary competitions and celebration of all major festivals, medical check ups, drills, Educational Tours and term breaks.


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