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At what time of the year will the school accept students?
Admission process for the year will begin from the first week of April. But the admission into certain classes is done all round the year.

What is the strength of each class?
Our School has restricted the number of students in each section to just 30. This has been done to facilitate more focus on each student, and promote greater rapport between teacher and student in the classroom. All students are given equal opportunities to participate and to learn.

How is the student assessment carried out at the School?
Student assessment varies with the level of study. At the pre-primary level, emphasis will be on oral and creative skills. At the primary level the assessment is done through assignments, class tests, and group activities. Once the student is in middle school assessment will be in terms of summative assessments at the end of each term. At the higher secondary level it is more as formative & summative assessments with more and more of presentations and reports to be carried out by each student.

How is discipline enforced in the School campus?
We understand that discipline is the pre-requisite for promotion of learning. Without discipline there cannot be gainful learning. But, we believe that discipline cannot be enforced on students, rather it can be imparted through value-based education, and suggesting role models. Through proper counseling we enable students to realize what is acceptable and what is not acceptable on the campus. Again, this has been made possible due to small sized classes that provide for greater individual attention and personal care. We enforce discipline through dialogue. The student is spoken to and corrected. She/he is then given time to reflect and correct his/her behavior.

Is the school Co-educational?
Yes. The school admits both boys and girls from Nursery to X and English medium.

What is the normal admission procedure?
Admission is granted on the basis of an interview to assess the basic standard of the student. Students may be granted admission based on their previous school records like Progress reports, but will undergo a similar evaluation before being allocated the class.

What are the documents required for admission?
The application form: Filled in application for admission in the prescribed form.
• Duly filled and signed Application Forms.
• 2 passport size colour photographs of the child.
• Proof of Date of Birth (Issued by Municipal Corporation or any authorized competent authority).
• Submit the Transfer Certificate issued by the previous school.
• Photocopy of the previous school final exam report card for class I to IX.

Are students provided with counseling and career guidance?
Career guidance and counseling are very much a part of the curriculum and are woven into the curriculum along with development of career skills.

What board is the school affiliated to?
STATE BOARD, English is the medium of instruction and Telugu / Hindi is to be studied as the first language. The options for second language are Hindi / Telugu and Third Language is English.

Computer Education is their for students from 3rd Class onwards.

What library facilities are available?
A library with a large collection of carefully selected books is available. The library has a collection of encyclopedias, audio / video CD’s that are available for students to prepare.

What are the sports facilities available?
Students can choose from a wide option of sports and games. Sports include Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Kho-kho, Kabadi, Badminton court and many Indoor games.

What kind of cultural environment will there be?
The environment places emphasis on a value-based education while inculcating our Indian culture. We also believe Universal religion of Humanity.


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